Wheeler Peak

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a mountain peak in northeastern New Mexico in the Rocky Mountains

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Wreathed by conifers, the lake is a glacial tarn lying in the shadow of Wheeler Peak, the park's highest point at 13,063 feet.
A mile and a half later, after passing Teresa Lake and following the rising trail through a stand of limber pine, we finally found ourselves just below the tree line among some of the oldest living things on the planet--dozens of ancient bristlecone pines growing amid the quartzite boulders and glacial debris beneath Wheeler Peak. It is near this grove that a tree dubbed Prometheus was accidentally felled in 1964--the accounts vary, but all end tragically--and revealed to be some 4,900 years of age, making it the oldest known single organism at the time.
WHERE TO PITCH A TENT At 10,000 feet, you'll feel the altitude, but the vistas at Wheeler Peak Campground ($12) are worth a minor headache.
Nature took 25 million years to create a paradise on Wheeler Peak; Congress, a snappy 66 to save it.
White Pine County's Wheeler Peak, between Ely and the Utah state line, looms above the Nevada desert at 13,063.
Witch's Rock in the meadow under Wheeler Peak where John did Tai
Afterward, drive 12 steep, curvy miles to the top of Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, where there are a variety of hikes to suit all abilities.
A mile farther up, the trail is surrounded by the 1,500-foot-tall walls of 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak.
In 1964 at Wheeler Peak, now in Great Basin National Park, the 5,000-year-old Prometheus tree, perhaps the oldest living organism on earth at the time, was cut down for examination of its core and rings.
A 2.8-mile round-trip hike to Wheeler Peak grove starts at the Wheeler Peak Campground; there are ranger-led walks in summer.
The prettiest campground, Wheeler Peak, is also the highest, at around 9,900 feet.
Traveling up Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive on the way to the campground is itself a highlight of any visit to the park.
Great Basin National Park comprises theformer Lehman Caves National Monument, Wheeler Peak Scenic Area, and additional lands of Humboldt National Forest.
After seeing the cave, you can drive partway up Wheeler Peak. (Snow may make the upper reaches impassable until June.) This is the highest mountain in the South Snake Range, and at 13,063 feet the highest point entirely within Nevada.
Some 80 miles noth of Pioche, the craggy, snowflecked face of Wheeler Peak comes into view as U.S.