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a bridge used to measure resistances

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For such strain measurement resistive strain gauges along with unbalanced Wheatstone bridge circuits are widely used [5].
It has been shown that DAC can be used as digitally controlled resistance for balancing Wheatstone bridge. Resistance between reference voltage input and R-2R matrix output is changed by changing of the digital DAC input code.
Model of the digitally balanced Wheatstone bridge with DAC connected in parallel with bridge resistance [R.sub.3] and taking into account resistance of the strain gauge connection cables is shown in Fig.
Let us compare the stress sensitivity (25a) with a conventional Wheatstone bridge circuit with four simple stripes of resistors oriented in x- and y-directions (see Figure 17).
A comparison of (25a) and (32) shows that the output voltage of the Wheatstone bridge is larger if each resistor has at least 1.4 squares.