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They therefore investigate whether these outputs can only be produced by wetware (that is, the physical composition of the brain) or whether the same results can also be obtained from computer hardware.
Sadie Plant comments on this "digitisation of drug synthesis": "Mathematical modeling allows chemicals to be designed and assembled as virtual compounds, tried, tested and manipulated atom by atom on the screen, meeting the wetware world only in the closing stages of their development" (Plant 1999: 201).
It might seem unfair to pit the wetware of mere mortals against a silicon sponge with 15 terabytes of RAM and access to 200 million pages of content, but it seems like harmless enough fun.
the most important swarm system remains the nanosites introduced into the human bloodstream in the Drummers' tunnels, which become the wetware of a biological computer.
Other examples of the successful crowd-sourcing of scientific research include Open Wetware, in which a broad community of researchers makes their raw data freely accessible.
La cuatrilogia Ware: Software (1982), Wetware (1988), Freeware (1997) y Realware (2000), de Rudy Rucker
If you want to be amazed at what bacteria, amoebas and paramecia and your own cells are as individual cells and then groups of cells, read Wetware.
viii) El estudio del cerebro, humano o animal, que se condensa en el titulo de wetware (programas humedos), desarrollado por J.
If users are willing to learn and advance, then a wetware upgrade may be what is needed.
For the 18-to 35-year-old demographic, social networking, like tweeting on Twitter, has as much import as wetware friends.
As a bonus, one may ask whether digital hardware, the current option, can ever adequately emulate analog wetware, even if this is all there is to consciousness.
Eugene Macintosh User Group - Program: "Backup - Hardware, Software and Wetware.