rainy season

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one of the two seasons in tropical climates

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In the wet season the number of new colonies was positively correlated with humidity (rs = 0.
33% in Biogbolo during the wet season (May to October), and from 20.
Suspended sediment (SS) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) parameters were found higher during the wet season.
area of the Horn of Africa will reopen following the wet season.
Saima Ali, an employee of a private company, said that it was very difficult for females passengers to wait for public transport without sheds in the wet season.
Over the past four decades, rainfall has become more sporadic during the wet season," said Touchon.
Planning for the 2012 drilling and work over campaign is well underway with drilling expected to commence in the June quarter of 2012 after the wet season as well as the completion of the Meridian 34 and Meridian 35 up-dip lateral wells.
All Set for the Big Wet also features Australian animals, this time as they board an Ark, in waiting for the wet season.
And because of the supply shortage of electricity in China, yellow phosphorus price hovers at a high level in the wet season this year, unlike significant price decrease in the past years.
Scientists believe an extremely strong La Nina event is responsible for the unusually wet season.
Skywest said that this decrease was due to a change in the number of flights to the northern territory, a market affected significantly this year by a wet season.
Ranger will be closed until July because the heavy wet season has almost filled the tailings dams.
05) coccidia egg counts were observed in the wet season than in the dry season (Figure 1).
Health Secretary Dr Enrique Ona pointed out that the DOH remains on top of the situation and that the agency remains on guard with contingencies in the event that dengue haemorrhagic fever cases continue to increase with the continuing wet season.
wet season which regularly take place from October to April.