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The spitball, illegal since 1920, had still been the technique of choice for a number of oldtimers, and the leagues allowed two per team to pitch said wet ones in the majors for the remainder of their careers.
Also, some regions north of 46[degrees]N, such as Switzerland and southern Germany, would experience average July temperatures up to 2[degrees]C higher after a dry winter than after a wet one, even if the previous winter's drought had been confined to southern Europe, the researchers note in the April 16 Geophysical Research Letters.
Now, I'm quite good at speaking backwards, and we had been saying as many words as we could, but carrying a pigeon, a wet one at that, requires concentration, hence "I can't talk backwards now Jen, I'm carrying a wet pigeon.
It will be a wet one,'' said Bruce Rockwell, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Oxnard.
And, if the weather this week is anything to go by, it's going to be a wet one.
He said: "It was a quiet night, it was certainly a wet one, and a very early morning.
It will be a mild night in Birmingham rather than the proverbial wet one in Blackburn, but those who believe the Stamford Bridge galacticos are not hardy enough to challenge for the title will seek signs of brittleness here.
Though no rain is expected today, Thursday should be another wet one, with a chance of continued showers through the weekend.
The current devastation may have its roots in the early 1980s, when a record dry year followed an extremely wet one, Gilbert speculates.
Elton John was in a typically boisterous mood at his Oscars viewing party and couldn't resist planting a wet one on X Factor bad guy, Simon Cowell.
The sight of Al Gore planting a wet one on Tipper at the Staples Center has made L.
In addition to reducing a soil's ability to retain moisture, devegetation would be expected to increase the soil's reflectance of spectral energy, since a dry soil is not as black as a wet one.
WALES prefer to play the All Blacks on a hard ground than a wet one in Saturday's Test at Hamilton, coach Steve Hansen said yesterday.
The weekend is shaping up to be a wet one, with heavy showers in the offing for the next five days or so, said Terry Schaeffer, a meteorologist and consultant in Santa Paula.
Another voter, octogenarian Wes Steyer, got a wet one on the cheek from poll worker and longtime friend Rosalie Hollingsworth.