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a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)

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He really hammered home the concept of Manifest Destiny - the 19th century belief that America's westward movement was inexorable; that American expansionism was simply "destined" to happen, or so the era's politicians and influencers believed.
The author's engaging style makes this a very readable history, and it will have great appeal to anyone interested in Native American history or the history of the westward movement in the U.
But United States history and regional histories, (such as the history of "the West" or 'the South") are virtually always focused on the westward movement of the British or English peoples across the Atlantic and then the subsequent growth and expansion of the area of British control.
Numerous writers have explored the sympathies of the Irish with aspects of the American westward movement Artists from Joyce to Flann O'Brien to Muidoon have exploited the parallels.
Forced from their home by the westward movement of European settlers, Omayaka's family is hoping to meet up with relatives, gathering what they will need to survive the coming winter, and avoiding warring tribes.
Included in the traveler's guide is historical and tourist information about destinations that recall the time before the 1840s westward movement.
The postwar westward movement increased the need for wagons.
To me, women's ordination has called up a parallel sense of deprivation from "real" church life, the alienation of all that is familiar and comforting, the sense of isolation that many women of the westward movement experienced.
Readers will encounter a number of lesser known Baptist individuals, especially within the section entitled, "The Westward Movement," a frontier theme that the Dursos explore in greater scope than have authors of previous surveys.
He adds that the need to seek new fertile soils and farmsteads was a major factor in the westward movement of settlers.
Created by Skidmore Owings & Merrill in a Post Modern/retro motif, it is a towering presence on the West Side and a contributor to the westward movement that helped revive the redevelopment of Times Square.
Chaffin also gives the reader a superb look at the antebellum westward movement and its consequences.
Fifty years ago may have been expecting too much prescience, but the westward movement of Little Rock was certainly evident 20 years ago--and 15 years ago and 10 and five and two.
With the westward movement and subduction of the Pacific plate from the Late Jurassic (ca.
Our conclusion is similar to suspected westward movement of C.