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assimilation of Western culture

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Yet here Huseynova views this as a perpetually mutually-exclusive choice: "However, in Azerbaijan, the paradigm of Europeanization is not germane, since Westernization and modernization began in the late nineteenth century and continued into the Soviet era" (p.
He said PTI intends to introduce Westernization in educational system of the province that would be strongly resisted by JUI-F.
Professor Stephen O'Keefe at the University of Pittsburgh, who directed the study, said: "Studies on Japanese migrants to Hawaii have shown that it takes one generation of westernization to change their low incidence of colon cancer to the high rates observed in native Hawaiians.
The image of the westernization of this period can be amended, but also the rise of nationalism can be adjusted, by viewing how the members of the Balyan family carefully refashioned their Parisian education to the service of the Empire," she writes.
China's liberation in 1949 was similar to Russia's revolution in 1917, not only because communists came to power in both countries but because traditional collectivist institutions, undermined by preceding Westernization, were re-established and strengthened.
Other areas examined are the strategic use of social media in the fashion industry, modernization without Westernization in Saudi Arabia, and consumer's attitudes towards organic products in Thailand.
Vu Trong Phung connects this catching up with Paris in the "prostitution race" to "the surge of materialism, meaning the Westernization of male and female young people" (121).
The chair also aims to help Saudi youths to uphold their national values and keep them away from the influences of Westernization besides portraying the true image of Saudi Arabia to the outside world, Al-Malki said.
Peter the Great had famously set about the westernization of the place, and St Petersburg had been put up almost as a stage-set, "a combination of Wedgwood and cardboard".
Iran went through a radical revolution from severe Westernization to monitored theocracy and the Iranian people are not yet ready to embark on yet another adventure.
9 -- In the wake of the disastrous impact that westernization is having on humanity in terms of the environment, social instability and Human suffering it is time to reflect.
Americans have decided that these upheavals have everything to do with the advent of liberalism, secularism, and Westernization in the region and that Islamist militant groups like al-Qaeda have been sidelined by the historically inevitable triumph of democracy--a belief that sounds a bit like the old Marxist-Leninist claptrap about iron laws of history and communism's inexorable triumph.
Turkish Islam is more moderate and pluralistic than elsewhere in the Middle East, and, since at least the late Ottoman period, Turkey has sought to fuse Islam and Westernization.
The process of Westernization and modernization had begun in the late nineteenth century under the Ottomans during the period of the Tanzimat.
An Iranian designer has created a man's tie that he says is Islamically-correct and can be worn in the Islamic Republic, where ties have been condemned as a sign of Westernization ever since the revolution.