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the modern culture of western Europe and North America

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In Qatar specifically, most children are now raised or depend on the Western culture and lifestyle, as they join English schools from a very young age.
Through the juxtaposition of Muggle and wizarding worlds within each book of her series, Rowling creates an explicit critique of the tendency of Western cultures of the twentieth century to move away from imaginative engagement with the physical context within which human beings exist--their environment--and towards a virtual experience of reality.
Equipped with a facility for the English language and an understanding of Western culture, Goans were recruited by the British to work in colonies of east Africa, and later the Persian Gulf states.
This so-called civilization resulted in our cultural and traditional ways being gradually replaced by Western cultures and customs, Western architecture in Africa is a direct result of the manner in which the colonialists went about developing their new settlements, trading posts and railway sidings.
Montgomery Watt's ominously titled "The Future of Islam" parallels in the modern context Judaism's contact with Hellenistic thought and culture to that of Islamic and Western cultures.
In our society, men and women cannot socialize as they do in western cultures.
The Meso-American cultures, which originally celebrated the tradition in August, believed on that night the dead would return, but unlike most Western cultures, death was viewed as an extension of life.
As I sat observing the illustrious and spell-binding kathak master Pandit Birju Maharaj, his percussive footwork talking, cajoling, then ringing in thunderous harmony with tabla wizard Zakir Hussein, I thought of a long-ago cultural lesson I received about the divisions between Eastern and Western cultures.
Even when students from Eastern and Western cultures speak the same language, wear the same fashions and perhaps even share common religious beliefs, they are likely to experience fundamental confusion when learning to perform and teach in another culture.
Type 2 diabetes is a "disease of lifestyle" that does not exist outside of western cultures.
He has no office skills to speak of and, as previously mentioned, is nothing most Western cultures would consider a prize.
Neo Concept bridges Eastern and Western cultures by marrying ancient healing practices with modern science," added Phyllis Tan, who co-founded Neo Concept in 1997.
Liu, "yet Charles Wang has been able to utilize and combine the positive attributes of both Eastern and Western cultures, creating a uniquely successful business culture that rises above the fierce competition in the world of high technology.
The theme of the self divided appears everywhere in these tales, which show an interplay of Eastern and Western cultures that is always dissonant.
He begins with a section on Jesus at home in Western culture.
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