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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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Written penitential confession and govenie in Nadieszda Kizenko's essay "The Written Confessions to Father John of Kronstadt" are sacramental elements foreign to the Western Church.
But others, like the Russian church, are wary of the western church.
We in the western church stand at a stark crossroads, in our cultural context, orthodox expressions of faith are marginalized and maligned and our confidence in faith wanes.
The series is entitled The Cost of the Beauty of Holiness; the spiritual price of the visual tradition of the western church.
For the Western church January 6 is the Epiphany holiday, a Christian feast commemorating the revelation of Jesus to humanity, specifically the visit of the Magi.
Von Trier replied that he was exploring the conflict between the Eastern and the Western church.
Gritsch provides a good review of Western Church history.
Times are different now, but unless the Western Church shows firmer leadership and more grit it will lose the Holy Land and more of its followers will renounce their baptism.
Barry Harvey makes the provocative proposal that the contemporary Western church increasingly resembles a scattered collection of dusty skeletons.
THE religious turmoil of Tudor England is explored as Simon Russell Beale continues his look at the history of Western church music.
For a thousand years after his death, no one in the Western church was more widely read than Augustine.
The liberation theologians' attentiveness to Marx enabled (parts of) the Western church to hear good news for the poor that had been hidden for centuries.
The Orthodox observance occurs later than the Western church because Orthodox churches use the Julian calendar, developed during the reign of Julius Caesar in the first century B.
Celebrating Christmas on December 25 began in the late 300s in the Western Church.
The Western Church developed through Scholasticism and the Renaissance to the Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, to the Enlightenment and finally to the modern age.
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