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United States Army installation on the west bank of Hudson river to the north of New York City

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Schofield, the superintendent of West Point from 1876 to 1881, made clear his position on the matter in his annual report in 1880:
The Phl-Am Mutual Defense Treaty provided West Point scholarships
As part of this strategy, an MSF team is supervising and supporting nine mental health clinicians in primary health care centers in Bensonville, Bromley, Clara Town, Pipeline, and West Point. The clinicians, who have completed a six-month training, assess patients and provide treatment with ongoing support from an MSF psychiatrist, Hassan Nasser, and psychologist, SaimaZai.
Injuries included broken arms and facial abrasions, an official with the hospital at West Point said.
The accident occurred near (https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/06/politics/west-point-camp-natural-bridge/index.html) Camp Natural Bridge , a training camp near West Point, New York, while several cadets were training on a light medium tactical vehicle.
This partnership is a tangible expression of our support of the Army and West Point, and it represents our ongoing commitment to programs that benefit soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.
"It's been all positive and we couldn't be more pleased with having Yokohama here," said West Point mayor Robbie Robinson.
The book begins with an interesting account of the rise of Sylvanus Thayer and his vision for refashioning West Point into the first institution of higher education in the United States dedicated to teaching the principles of engineering.
As you noted, the Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Naval Academy and West Point all commission more officers than the Citadel and VMI at their graduations.
Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia Inc, a subsidiary of Kia Motors Corporation (KSE: 000270), is commemorating the production of the plant's one millionth Sorento CUV at its West Point facility.
Marcus' grave is the only one in the West Point cemetery at the United States Military Academy for an American killed fighting under the flag of another country.
Jefferson's connection with West Point has been neglected.
The West Point History of World War II provides the reading public with a version of a textbook on military history designed for cadets at the US Military Academy.
Teacher of Civil War Generals: Major General Charles Ferguson Smith, Soldier and West Point Commandant
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