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Speaking of the Punjabis, West Pakistan's dominant ethnic group, a 60-year-old member of the local Bangla Desh civil administration says: "The Punjabi brutes have tortured our people as no other people have been tortured.
After the election, while the Awami League considered its right to form the government, the Peoples Party leadership wanted some negotiated arrangement, since the Awami League had won an absolute majority in East Pakistan and the Peoples Party had attained an absolute majority in West Pakistan. Since the negotiations between the Awami League and the Peoples Party did not succeed, the Awami League voters of East Pakistan had got alienated and voices of separation of East Pakistan had started emerging.
However, West Pakistan province was abolished and all of its four provinces were restored.
According to the statement of objects and reasons, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan in its report while discussing Repeal of Obsolete and Redundant Legislations' proposed to repeal the West Pakistan Juvenile Smoking Ordinance, 1959 (Ordinance No XII of 1959) in view of Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smoket's Health Ordinance, 2002.
He served as president of the West Pakistan Convention Muslim League from 1968-69.
Meanwhile, in the four provinces of West Pakistan, Zulfiqar Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party (PPP) faced severe competition from the conservative factions of Muslim League, the largest of which was Muslim League (Qayyum), as well as slight opposition from the religious parties like JI, JUI and JUP.
The East Pakistanis also felt that most of the foreign exchange earned with export of jute was being utilized in West Pakistan. Another political outfall, not fully realized but which acted like slow poison or cancer, was the lack of action in West Pakistan on the Muslim League high command's decision under the Quaid e Azam to abolish zamindari (as mentioned to me by Khwaja Nazimuddin) while East Pakistan went ahead with it immediately.
State president of the West Pakistani Refugees, Labha Ram Gandhi, alleged that the central government has only been sympathetic to groups like Kashmiri Pandits, but never paid heed to the long pending demands of West Pakistan refugees.
UP to 27 Pakistani police and 40 rebels died in a fierce 24-hour firefight as 200 Taliban insurgents attacked a remote border checkpoint in Dir, North West Pakistan.
It is the behind-thescenes manoeuvring and diplomacy by these countries with regard to the developments in East and West Pakistan and India in the turbulent 1970-71 that shape the book's narrative.
Islamic Relief has launched a pounds 5 million appeal after warning that more than four million displaced people in North West Pakistan face disease due to poor sanitation.
Dr Sheraz Khan, from North West Pakistan and Dr Thomas Jose, from southern India, have become close friends since they started working at Bangor's Ysbyty Gwynedd almost three months ago.
In March 1971 East Pakistan rebelled and, with Indian help, had established its independence from West Pakistan by the end of the year.
Malik, president of the All Pakistan Confederation of Labourers, and Nabi Ahmad, president of the West Pakistan Workers Federation, delivered speeches.
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