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The production of north Alexandria and west Mediterranean deepwater concessions is expected to increase as full production begins this year, with the production of the three phases of the west Nile Delta project to reach nearly 1.4bn scf/day, which is an equivalent of 20% of Egypt's current gas production.
The WND agreement, signed in March 2015, has enabled BP and its partner to develop 5 TCF of natural gas and 55m barrels of condensate in the North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deep Water areas.
For Tamer, the maximum correlation coefficient of 0.537 was calculated for monthly maximum precipitation of October and SLP of West Mediterranean Sea with 11 months of lag; for Galikesh, this value was 0.459 in August with a lag of 4 months with SLP of Atlantic Ocean.
BP North Africa regional president Hesham Mekawi said: "BP expects to double its current gas supply to the Egyptian domestic market during this decade when the WND (West Nile Delta) project reaches its peak production." BP said gas would be produced from two BP-operated offshore concession blocs, North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater.
Gas will be produced from two BP-operated offshore concession blocks, North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater.
It would represent another disjunction between North America and Macaronesia and West Mediterranean region (Karnefelt 1980).
The ships sail through the east and west Mediterranean, Cuba and the Caribbean.
There is a chance these exports to Russia could double," said Mustafa Satycy, head of the West Mediterranean Exporters' Association.
The West Mediterranean is only a cruise away: Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Roma, Pisa.
Rabat - Morocco counts 9 medics for each 10,000 inhabitants, a ratio that is inferior by one half compared to other west Mediterranean countries.
The wind power potential is calculated between 6.0-7.0 m/s in Marmara, Western Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean coasts, 5.0-6.0 m/s in West Mediterranean coasts, 7.0-8.5 m/s in North western Aegean coasts and 4.5-5.5 m/s in inner areas.
Antalya is on Turkey's South West Mediterranean coast and is the country's largest international seaside destination.
Thirty members of Federation of Aegean and West Mediterranean Industrialists and Businessmen (ESIDEF) will visit Casablanca and Marakech, two important trade centers of North Africa that also possess biggest phosphate beds in the world.
From US East Cost, Gulf & West Coast to all destinations in North Europe (including Baltic, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland), the Mediterranean (East & West Mediterranean, Adriatic & Black Sea, North Africa), Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, CMA CGM has decided to implement the following Emergency Fuel Surcharge (EFS) Effective October 1st, 2010:
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