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the original Methodist Church

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However, abolitionism grew in intensity within the evangelical denominations, especially the Presbyterians, Congregationalists, antislavery Free Will Baptists, and Wesleyan Methodists.
As well, he assisted the Wesleyan Methodists in Austria, New Zealand, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), South Africa, and throughout the Caribbean.
Bronte too was a firm supporter of the established church, but his doctrinal principles were exactly the same as those of the Wesleyan Methodists.
A Sunday School was established in 1790, using Upper Steps Mill and was jointly run by Wesleyan Methodists, Church of England and Independents.
John Wesley, who always maintained he had never left the Church of England,created a world- wide congregation now tot alling 60 million Wesleyan Methodists -or simply Methodists, as they would prefer to be known.
LLOYD GEORGE'S political papers, Dowlais Iron Company records and the ecclesiastical records of the Wesleyan Methodists are amongst the archives that will soon be available online through a new website.
Further, Alexander suggests that the important early Pentecostal leader Frank Bartleman, an articulate opponent of Christian participation in war, may have drawn his antiwar critique from his roots in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, a Holiness denomination with a strong peace tradition.