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baseline in the transverse temporal gyrus (BA41 and BA42) and language centers including Wernicke's area (BA22) (see Suppl.
Sette et al., "Is the resection of gliomas in Wernicke's area reliable?
Kuenzli et al., "The age of second language acquisition determines the variability in activation elicited by narration in three languages in Broca's and Wernicke's area," Neuropsychologia, vol.
Consequently, It could be suggested that leftward asymmetry of the left temporal auditory association area (Wernicke's area) developed prior to the appearance of contemporary human language and probably even before our divergence between humans and chimpanzees [142].
In the verb generation task, signal increases were noted in anatomically typical expressive language cortex (Broca's area) in the left posterior inferior frontal gyrus t(9)=7.86, p<0.0001 and in receptive language cortex (Wernicke's area) in the left superior temporal gyrus t(9)=5.34, p<0.0001.
Thus, we can divide 120-200 million neurons by 110, to get from 1.1 million to 1.8 million nections in Wernicke's area. Lamb's estimations are very rough, but we are in the range of 1 to 1.5 million nections.
Interesting, they also find that "primate gestures appear more localized to brain areas homologous to Broca's area--implicated in speech production--whereas primate vocalizations have been more closely linked to brain areas homologous to Wernicke's area, which is involved in the understanding and perception of speech" (Balter, 2010: p.
In addition, Wernicke's area, the part of the brain responsible for expressive communication, was damaged but Broca's area, the portion of the brain responsible for understanding language, was not.
(5) In normal speech production, electric impulses originate in the DLPFC and are transmitted to STG in Wernicke's area. From there, information goes to Broca's area, which activates the primary motor cortex to pronounce words.
In language production, damage to Wernicke's area makes a persons speech full of function words but devoid of content words to result in speech that is meaningless.
Another region in the left brain called Wernicke's area helps you understand spoken or written words.
In the event Patel's discourses on phonological, metrical, and modal aspects of language on the one hand, and on syntactical elements and phrasing in music systems on the other, exhibit more of language and music than of the brain: neuroscientists may be surprised to find but a limited number of subject-index entries highlighting references to critical regions (Wernicke's area. Heschl's gyrus, etc.) and no lengthy summaries at all of, say.
Unique to the human brain is a region within the planum temporale (itself situated in Wernicke's area, which is a larger locus associated with language comprehension).
Aphasia can affect a section of the brain known as Broca's area, which controls language production, or Wernicke's area, which controls the interpretation of language.
The Wernicke's area is that part of the brain that controls speech comprehension.