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United States writer (1890-1945)


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Werfel, along with Bar-Yam and Harvard bioengineer Donald Ingber, devised simulations that tracked the evolution of a population in which offspring inherit the resources left behind by previous generations.
According to Werfel, "Zaman receiving the award in three consecutive terms means that the daily has pursued the same quality standards not only in the three-month-long test period of the competition, but during the whole time of the past six years.
Most human construction projects today are performed by trained workers in a hierarchical organization, explains lead author Justin Werfel, a staff scientist in bioinspired robotics at the Wyss Institute and a former SEAS postdoctoral fellow.
In a letter to acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, Americans United has urged the federal tax agency to enforce restrictions on church politicking.
Our teams have been working hard throughout the fall to prepare for the upcoming tax season," IRS Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel said in a press release.
His wife Alma, who was f***ing everybody who was coming by - Gropius, Kokoschka, Werfel, and Bruno Walter, among others - sent him to see Freud.
In July acting IRS chief Danny Werfel defended the petition in an appearance before Congress, saying, "I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I'm pleased with rather than go through a change if I don't need to go through that change.
Acting IRS head Danny Werfel said all of the orders to more closely monitor tax-exempt groups have been rescinded while the IRS works to develop new guidelines.
Daniel Werfel, an IRS deputy commissioner, said any agency that wants to get access to IRS data will have to use a 61-page "Safeguard Procedures Report" template and get into an IRS data protection program that involves regular on-site inspections.
The two senior officials, who were in charge of implementing the Affordable Care Act, were placed on leave as the agency's new Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel has promised to clean house and restore the IRS' credibility.
Werfel T, Ballmer-Weber B, Eigenmann PA, et al: Eczematous reactions to food in atopic eczema: position paper of the EAACI and GA2LEN.
I think what happened here is that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient," said Miller, who will leave his post next week and be replaced by Daniel Werfel, a budget specialist in the administration.
The White House announced it would replace Miller with senior Office of Management and Budget official Daniel Werfel as acting IRS Commissioner.
Pardee, currently with the Department of Art and Art History at UC Davis, and his wife, painter Gina Werfel, moved for various teaching positions over the years and the exhibition also features landscapes from the coast of Maine, Virginia and California.
Siempre presente en los teatros de opera, este ano del bicentenario de su glorioso nacimiento (como el de su sincero y profundo admirador Giuseppe Verdi, vinculo felizmente poetizado por Franz Werfel en su Novela de la opera) hay toda clase de nuevas producciones por buena parte de los escenarios belcantisticos del mundo, como la muy comentada y controversial de la Metropolitan Opera House de Nueva York de toda la tetralogia del canadiense Robert Lepage que inicio con el prologo El oro del Rin (faltan las tres jornadas, Las Valquirias, Sigfrido y El ocaso de los dioses), que con toda fortuna podemos ver en las ya institucionalizadas transmisiones en el Auditorio Nacional y escuchar en las de Opus 94 con estimulantes comentarios del sabio wagneriano Sergio Vela.