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a comprehensive view of the world and human life

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In it, Haushofer outlined his basic Weltanschauung.
The reasons for such a culture of secularism are, of course, manifold; chief among them, however, is the lasting impact of the wissenschaftliche Weltanschauung sponsored by the ruling Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED) in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR).
attualita della Weltanschauung, identite ed emigrazione, mondo contadino meridionale, poesia
They belived that it deals whith a broader view of life, with a Weltanschauung, not only with political approaches and theories.
So, Poland of 1980 was the turning point of my so-called weltanschauung or picture of the world.
Mlodinow has a Weltanschauung or worldview typical of a physicist who does not believe in God, so many of his assertions are what one expects him to say.
The role of Pancasila is philosofische grondslag (philosophical foundation) and weltanschauung (way of life) of Indonesian nation, which teaches the importance of values of "Divinity, Humanity, Unity, Democracy, Wisdom and Justice.
Bochenski on the Rational Aspect of Weltanschauung, OTTO MUCK, S.
Given Muslims' firm adherence to the divine authority of the Qur'an and its influence on Islamic imagination and Weltanschauung, Cuypers's unprecedented approach is a beacon of hope for Christian-Muslim rapprochement.
The narrator, after all, has a weltanschauung, the sign of his continuing life on the ceiling.
US overseas aid to Third World countries will be withheld unless the local governments submit to the new American Weltanschauung.
His disciplined attention to the value of cotton to Southerners and their obsession with international trade provides considerable insight into proslavery ideology as well as to the centrality of slavery and white supremacy in shaping the Weltanschauung of the planter class.
Building upon this, Luther's two kingdoms concept became his Weltanschauung, his worldview.
It is Chavez who receives the most screen time and offers his grandiose Weltanschauung of a united Bolivarian alliance rejecting U.
At the heart of the Indo-French relationship is a common Weltanschauung or world view.