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cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast

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My point is, Welsh rarebit lends itself to that virtuous task of using everything up.
MARK WILLIAMS THE FACTS THE BILL Tomato, mozzarella, feta, goats cheese, and stilton: PS10 Welsh rarebit pizza: PS9.
And I came up with the idea of a Welsh rarebit shaped like a cigar.
So for today's dish, I'm giving you my twist on the classic Welsh rarebit or, as it was once known, Welsh rabbit.
The starters included, mackerel salad, cheese fritter, Welsh rarebit and an unusual garlic and spinach soup.
com showed that Britons are giving up English dishes like Welsh rarebit, toad in the hole, or bangers and mash for curry, pizzas and pastas.
I WAS torn in respect of the end of this column over whether to sing the praise of old age - extreme unlikelihood of being taken hostage, usually let off sinking ships first, people tell you their secrets because they think you'll forget them - or discuss Welsh Rabbit, known to some as Welsh Rarebit.
This is simply classic, homey comfort food at its best - in dishes like Green Goddess Dressing, Borscht, Sticky Buns, Macaroni and Cheese, Welsh Rarebit, Dutch Pancake and more.
Starters and lighter bites include Welsh rarebit on toast with a poached egg ([euro]7), and mains like honey roast belly pork with apple sauce, served with fondant potatoes and peas ([euro]19) or burgers served with posh chips and Alex James' cheese (from [euro]16).
JAPANESE cooks are being shown how to make the perfect Welsh rarebit thanks to a North Wales culinary centre of excellence.
But Welsh Rarebit is delicious so who has the last laugh (inbetween mouthfuls)?
There is one that is fit for a prince, complete with the Duke of Cambridge's favourite burger toppings, a burger with an eastern twist that throws apricots into the mix and a tasty combination of lamb and Welsh rarebit.
It's PS29 for two; choose from loose leaf flavours or coffee, and enjoy the likes of Welsh rarebit on toasted brioche and carrot cake.
9 Food Top chef Michael Kilkie reveals his twist on the traditional Welsh rarebit.
In charge of an eight-man team, he will be revising Bodysgallen's menu in 2012, to add in some extravagant Welsh concoctions, such as the most expensive Welsh Rarebit in Britain.
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