Wellington boot

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(19th century) a man's high tasseled boot

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Hunter, the maker of the classic Wellington boots, evoked wild Scottish countryside with indoor waterfalls, while Christopher Kane seduced with clothes featuring nude life drawings.
The Wellington boot first made its appearance in 1817, when men's fashion was undergoing era-defining changes.
Mobile phone company European Telco Orange has introduced a phone charging prototype - a set of thermoelectric gumboots or Wellington boots with a 'power generating sole' that converts heat from the wearer's feet into electrical power to charge battery-powered hand-helds.
Firearms officer Pc Christopher Barber said it was possible the buckle on the side of one of Mr Franklin's studded Wellington boots had, as he was driven across themoor while sat on the chariot, slipped inside the trigger guard of the loaded gun and pulled the trigger.
At the time of the closure of the Walton site, 67 staff were employed making Wellington boots and industrial footwear.
Wellington boot planter pounds 14.99 (www.homebase.co.uk, 0845 077 8888)
TWO Royal Marines have been sentenced for assaulting an Afghan prisoner with a Wellington boot after he had been detained on suspicion of planting a roadside bomb.
Wodehouse; 3 Brooklyn and Manhattan; 4 We Shall Overcome; 5 The Wellington boot (he was the Duke of Wellington).
Wodehouse; 3 Brooklyn and Manhattan; 4 We Shall Overcome; 5 The Wellington boot (he was the Duke of Wellington); 6 Bette Midler; 7 Georgia; 8 Thomas Alva Edison; 9 It won the Grand National; 10 Eamon De Valera.
Contestants will bid to see who can throw a Wellington boot the furthest.
QUESTIONS Ettie Spencer has taken an unusual step to highlight the plight of hill farmers.; FOOTSORE A Wellington boot harvest from artist Christopher Collier represents hill farms which have gone out of business.
TALK of a classless society has been squelched by the humble Wellington boot.
People taking part just need to bring an old wellington boot and all other materials for planting will be provided.
Here are a few options: the Stamford Victorian cast iron four-pair boot rack and scraper, pounds 59.99 (www.greenfingers.com, 0845 345 0728); the Indoor Wellington Boot rack, pounds 40.87 (www.gltc.co.uk, 0844 848 6000).
More than 20 arty under-fives painted a Wellington boot with colourful images at Central Library in Lichfield Street, Walsall.
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