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a mountain in the Alps in Switzerland (14,804 feet high)

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Mountain biking in front of the Weisshorn in the Crans-Montana region of Valais; 2.
I'd seen many mountains--one of them must have been the Weisshorn.
If anyone asks, you tell them you made it to the foot of the Weisshorn.
Contract notice: Sports and multi-purpose hall weisshorn - fire doors as steel and glass doors.
Taking the cable car up to the Weisshorn, you can reach the peak easily.
The surrounding mountains Schreckhorn, Weisshorn, FinsterAarhorn--all more than 4,000 metres--make almost as much of an impression on me, as Switzerland's national symbol, the Matterhorn.
The eastern Swiss skiing resort of Arosa--a town embedded between the towering Weisshorn and the Amselflue--could become this country's and the world's first "emission-free" community by 2020.
Riederalp boasts 300 sunny days per year and a view of great 4,000-meter peaks like the Dom, Weisshorn, and Matterhorn.
To the Weisshorn, the Hornli and the miles of well-prepared paths that are so easily accessible to appreciative but non-serious walkers like my wife and I.