Weimar Republic

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the German republic founded at Weimar in 1919

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Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's Threepenny Opera has been thus diverting audiences since its triumphant 1928 debut, skewering the capitalist bourgeois of the Weimer Republic so soundly it was banned by the Reich, This month the Brecht-founded Berliner Ensemble's 2007 production, directed by Robert Wilson, makes a five-performance U.
Current "Doctor Who" Matt Smith is w ell cast as the young writer, who flees his disapproving mother (Lindsay Duncan) and the grim prospect of medical school so he can work but mostly play in the wide-open Weimer Republic city.
The cumulative result would be a constitutional revolution which destroys Lankan democracy from within, peacefully and through strictly legal means, as the Nazis did to the Weimer Republic.
Jones traces the lives of these women through World War I, the Weimer Republic and the rise of the Nazis.
So Saturday, one is likely to hear German Yiddish songs from the days of the Weimer Republic, the Berlin songs of the Marlene Dietrich "Blue Angel" era, the music of the great German-American composer Kurt Weill ("The Threepenny Opera"), some French and American songs, and possibly a couple of her own compositions.