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large breed of hound having a smooth greyish coat

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The book is divided into 16 categories, such as the delightful "Masquerade" and the artful "Nudes." All are wonderful, but the "human" categories ("People Like Us," "People We Like") tug at readers in unforgettable ways, like in "Night Man," as a Weimaraner wearing bib overalls and pushing a broom looks weary but resigned to his task.
"Longhaired Weimaraners are identical to the silver-gray colored shorthaired Weimaraners," Koshyk notes, "except for having a long, soft topcoat, with or without an undercoat.
Jake, the seven-year-old Weimaraner, wolfed down four of the tasty treats whole, unbeknown to his oblivious owner.
Conraad said: "If the poachers have dogs, the weimaraners will track the dog scent rather than the humans.
Identification of the breed-specific gene may help diagnose spinal dysraphism in dogs and enable Weimaraner breeders to use DNA screening to avoid the mutation in breeding, the researchers say.
South Side Dogs' goal is to produce the finest quality weimaraners of any breeders within the New York area, and this shows with the exceptional champion animals that the organization has already managed to produce in previous years.
Bred originally in Germany to hunt wild boar and stags, Weimaraners are now becoming more popular as pets in Britain due to their striking appearance and unique coat colour.
As its name suggests, it is at about cool stuff you can buy, from fashion to Ferraris and from watches to weimaraners.
Weimaraners are the next most expensive dogs when it comes to vets' bills, with each treatment costing an average of pounds 407.84, followed by bulldogs at pounds 396.37.
Mike, manager of Pooch Mobile, will be travelling around Merseyside washing, shampooing and clipping dogs from Yorkshire terriers to weimaraners.
My husband and I love Weimaraners and have two, one 11 years old and a one-year-old.
'He also had bassett hounds, Weimaraners, old english sheepdogs, boxers, golden retrievers, labradors, dobermans, dalmatians.
Everywhere there were Boxers, Yorkies, Weimaraners, Rottweilers and many others with one thing in common.
Postman Paul Thomson, 37, had claimed that one of McNamara's Weimaraners bit him on his legs and arm last November.
Their Weimaraners roam the building and keep the Wilkinses company during the workday.