Weil's disease

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a severe form of leptospirosis in human beings

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2) Weil's disease is characterized by jaundice, thrombocytopenia, acute renal failure, respiratory distress, and cardiac arrhythmias.
The rat did not touch him but Weil's disease, also known as leptospirosis, can be caught by touching something contaminated with the bacteria-infected urine.
The etiology, mode of infection, and specific therapy of Weil's disease (spirochaetosis icterohaemorrhagica).
Ido Y, Hoki R, Kaneko R, et al The etioilogy, mode of infection and specific therapy of Weil's disease (spirochaetosisicterohemorrhagia), J Exp Med.
Olympic rowing champion Andy Holmes, who twice partnered Sir Steve Redgrave to gold medal glory, died suddenly in 2010 from suspected Weil's disease.
All the rowers Redgrave won Olympic medals with were on the stage apart from Andy Holmes, his team-mate in 1984 and 1998, who died from Weil's Disease last year, and the 50-year-old paid tribute to his friend, saying: "It would have been great to see him here tonight.
However, Walliams has denied being tested for Weil's disease, which is caused by contaminated water.
Andy Holmes, one of rowing's greatest oarsmen, died last week after contracting the rare Weil's Disease.
She said that rats carried disease including Weil's Disease - suffered by gamekeeper and dad-of-two Sean Mason as reported in yesterday's Gazette - which was transmitted in their urine and could be fatal.
Contact with canal or river water can bring about stomach illnesses or Weil's Disease, an infection carried in rat urine.
Following an incubation period of 7 - 14 days (range 1 - 30), one of two recognisable syndromes occur: a self-limiting febrile illness which occurs in ~90% of infections or a severe and potentially fatal form of the disease which is immune-mediated and known as Weil's disease or Weil's syndrome.
Already Philippine health officials warned of a possible outbreak of flood-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dengue fever and Leptospirosis, an infectious disease also known as Weil's disease spread by infected rats through their urine.
She said that he has enjoyed catching rats and rabbits for some time, but in November 2007 contracted Weil's disease, a rat-borne infection.
Richard Wilds, 33, was admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary on Friday with suspected Weil's Disease - a potentially fatal infection caught from rats' urine.
Officially known as leptospirosis, Weil's disease has several colloquial names, including swamp fever, caver's flu, swineherd's disease or sewerman's flu, because of its symptoms and the many ways in which the disease can be caught.