half life

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the time required for something to fall to half its initial value (in particular, the time for half the atoms in a radioactive substance to disintegrate)

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The notes are modeled to a weighted average life of 4.06 years and are backed by a collateral pool of USD 177.9m of loans with an average FICO score of 746.
Nationwide Building Society (NANW.LN) is planning to offer dollar-denominated notes with a weighted average life (WAL) of 2.9 years, and sterling notes with a WAL of 4.85 years.
The triple-A-rated, EUR350.8m tranche with a weighted average life (WAL) of 1.14 years will pay a coupon of 105 basis points over three-month Euribor.
The transaction has a 4.25 years reinvestment period, and a weighted average life of 8.5 years.
Through this trust, Sallie Mae sold at face value USD 225m of BBB-rated bonds with a 3.05-year weighted average life and a 3.5% coupon rate.
The bonds will be rated triple-A, and have a weighted average life (WAL) of 2.9 years.
A Class-A1 AUD2.25bn tranche, with a weighted average life of 2.22 years, has been priced at 95 basis points over the bank-bill swap rate.
The weighted average life test is also reset at seven years, which is lower than the nine years assumed for the original rating analysis.
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