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Synonyms for week

hours or days of work in a calendar week

a period of seven consecutive days starting on Sunday

References in classic literature ?
"Yes; going down to Yarmouth, last Friday three weeks."
I agreed with George, and suggested that we should seek out some retired and old-world spot, far from the madding crowd, and dream away a sunny week among its drowsy lanes - some half-forgotten nook, hidden away by the fairies, out of reach of the noisy world - some quaint-perched eyrie on the cliffs of Time, from whence the surging waves of the nineteenth century would sound far-off and faint.
He went to work in a printing-office, - I have heard him tell of it many times, - and he got three dollars a week, at first.
- and got only four dollars a week. But he had learned how to be economical, and out of that four dollars he went on saving money."
"I only wanted to make it plain that we don't require a house party next week."
By the bye, we shall have to be a little feudal next week. Japan is a country of many ceremonies, and, after all, Maiyo is one of the Royal Family.
Weeks grew to months, and months to years: Peter was worn to skin and bone: And once he even said, with tears,
"Your new friend looks like a poet," said Weeks, with a thin smile on his careworn, bitter mouth.
In that remote day, that man will earn, with ONE week's work, that bill of goods which it takes you upwards of FIFTY weeks to earn now.
And every week the managers of it got together and compared notes, and there was one scale for all the workers in the yards and one standard of efficiency.
Now, if I have remained, it was only in compliance with the desire of your general, his honor having requested me not to depart without a last audience, which fixed at a week hence.
I could see no reason why I should, at the end of each week, pour the reward of my toil into the purse of my master.
On the contrary, this morning you offered me a week's respite."
When it ceases to be her interest, she plainly threatens to leave off at a week's notice.
Of what she earned, Dulcie received six dollars per week. The remainder was credited to her and debited to somebody else's account in the ledger kept by G-- Oh, primal energy, you say, Reverend Doctor--Well then, in the Ledger of Primal Energy.