Weber's law

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(psychophysics) the concept that a just-noticeable difference in a stimulus is proportional to the magnitude of the original stimulus

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Caption: Reckoning with Weber's law Quick, which of the two circles in each pair has more dots in it?
According to Weber's Law, under the fact that human perception of a pattern depends not only on the stimulus difference but also on the ratio of the relative stimulus change to the original stimulus intensity, we first design Contour Angular Feature (CAF) to model the so-called stimulus intensity, and then establish WLSD according to the Weber's Law Equation.
Apparent exceptions to Weber's law have been reported previously, and their theoretical implications remain a matter of debate (e.
Weber's Law and the Biological Evolution of Risk Preferences.
The standard interpretation of Weber's law is that the subjective magnitude M is proportional to the logarithm of the stimulus.
Weber's Law of psychophysics has been succinctly phrased by Gustav Fechner as "the sensation increases proportional as the logarithm of the stimulus intensity.