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(ecology) a community of organisms where each member is eaten in turn by another member

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In this intricate web of life, a change in one link of the food chain can lead to far-reaching disruptions elsewhere in the ecosystem.
We are devouring our earth and other species, which is part of the interconnected web of life.
I know for a fact that there is this incredible web of life.
Chris then looks into the web of life sustained by one of the mightiest trees in the Amazon, and discovers a tiny rodent it relies upon for survival.
The web of life is made stronger by Bio-diversity".
They also discussed the Web of Life, featuring a hands-on workshop where children are encouraged to think about the links between plants, animals and their diets.
It holds such pertinent information regarding the web of life and how important the trophic cascade effect is in ecology.
Each author is committed to the notion that a consistent ethic of life is both Roman Catholicism's and American society's best hope for responsibly negotiating the web of life issues that now challenge us: contrary voices appear only briefly in, again, Wolfe's presentation.
His discoveries and insights on this voyage repositioned humanity within the web of life on Earth.
Before Robinson Jeffers, there was Walt Whitman, calling Californians to appreciate the web of life of which we are a part.
How we collectively manage the global supply of fresh water and other resources affects not just aspects of human health but all the fragile ecosystems that support so many other species in our interconnected web of life.
Daubert, author and scientist, provides a follow-up to his very popular Threads from the Web of Life with this collection of 26 stories on a variety of natural phenomena, wildlife, and survival in the wild.
Big Bugs" forms the centerpiece for other programming on the Web of Life and the world of plant and insect relationships.
The very web of life on which we depend is being ripped and frayed," Gore said at Oslo's City Hall.
I encourage NCR to be in the forefront of making the connections so that we can see that all of us are part of the whole web of life working together for the future of our church and the future of our planet.