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The information from the scan is sent instantaneously to a Web code registry database, to be housed by the new joint venture company.
It is typical for SPIDER to generate between 5n and 6n lines of C WEB code from an n-line language description.
According to Gameplay the web code for the clips makes it easy even for modem users to enjoy the feature.
Instead of having to type in the typical Web address, computer users can go to the WebLink Express site and can either type in a special four-digit Web code -- which is similar to those VCR codes -- or view the entire Web directory online and point-and-click on a company name.
Strangeloop's Site Optimizer technology is specifically designed to simplify Web code optimization from a lengthy and complex coding process into an automated function that provides roundtrip reduction, rapid rendering, dynamic browser caching, as well as a host of other acceleration best practices.
0, a free advertiser-supported web application that will provide free news information on Internet-related issues to web sites through the use of web code and redirected output.
Site Optimizer is specifically designed to simplify web code optimization from a lengthy and complex coding process into an automated function.
Appcelerator allows merchants to build apps on all three major mobile platforms (iOS, Android[TM] and BlackBerry[R]) from one Web code base.
Merchants Can Rapidly Build Apps on One Web Code Base with Full Range of Commerce Capabilities; Appcelerator Closes $9 Million Funding Round with Sierra Ventures and eBay
More advanced users can use the sample Web code and tutorial provided to embed applications directly in their own developer profiles.
Simply put, a designer chooses their preferred typeface from the Extensis service, which then generates the necessary CSS to be placed into their web code.