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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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Wear leveling maximizes the life of the flash by distributing the storage of memory evenly over the entire flash.
The controller manages the interface between the industry standard ATA bus and flash media, eliminating the complexities and associated overhead of writing specialized firmware to support functions such as bad-block management, error correction and flash media wear leveling, which are required in order to achieve reliable data storage operation.
Featuring Evergreen L2 architecture, the life span of the SSD is maximized by an evolved wear leveling algorithm.
The sophisticated static wear leveling algorithm averages the write and erase process over all blocks of the memory area, thereby drastically improving the lifespan of installed flash memory.
The S Series features a Wear Leveling Function, Error Correction Code, Data Refresh Function and other new features to enable secure and stable recording of 4K content, helping to meet the rigorous demands faced by professionals.
The PSD320 also features integrated ECC (Error Correction Code) to ensure accurate data transfer, as well as built-in wear leveling technology that guarantees ultra-long storage lifespan and long-term stability.
The GBDriver RS3 series also incorporates an advanced static wear leveling algorithm that averages the number of times each memory block is rewritten (erased).
With its experience in firmware development and wear leveling technology, Innodisk has been able to create high performance and cost effective and all-flash storage appliance.
The XceedIOPS2 also employs a highly efficient flash-management algorithm that includes bad-block management, wear leveling, and minimal write amplification.
A static wear leveling function developed by TDK equalizes data writing among all of the Flash memory blocks, maximizing the life span of the memory.