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the compass point that is one point south of due west

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By understanding the advantages and disadvantages from an estimation error risk perspective of estimating at differing WBS levels, optimal allocation of cost analysis resources can be achieved.
For WBs performed in 1989, laboratory type-specific analytic sensitivity among the major laboratory types ranged from 97.1% to 100.0%; analytic specificity, from 96.0% to 100.0%; and overall analytic performance, from 97.1% to 99.2%.
The post-treatment WBS revealed uptake in the neck, and a separate focus of intense uptake in the left lower thorax, which localized to the left 12th rib on SPECT/CT.
We like to think WBS is changing the way the world thinks about business and management.
Fitch views the covenant package as slightly weaker than other typical WBS deals.
WBS Capital isn't planning to uncork anything as clandestine or fascinating, but it is expected to produce employment opportunities within Rochester, affordable housing for lower-income residents, and profits for the real estate investment firm.
In this study, we aimed to present the imaging findings [I-131 WBS, SPECT/CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), etc.], and clinical outcomes of patients as well as the contribution of SPECT/CT imaging in unexpected false-positive I-131 accumulation, and to discuss the underlying etiology of these cases.
With USD26.5bn in assets, Webster Financial Corporation (NYSE: WBS) serves as the holding company for Webster Bank, National Association.
Exciting, outspoken and in your face, WBS are everything a combative rock 'n' roll band ought to be but invariably aren't.
He had levothyroxine withdrawal I-131 whole body scan (WBS) in 1984 and 2002 that showed no evidence of residual or metastatic disease.
Last month, Warwick Business School announced it was expanding its WBS London base at The Shard by taking additional space on the 13th floor.
The rump steaks samples were subjected to textural analysis (Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) and Warner Bratzler Shear (WBS) tests), organoleptic tests and pH measurements.
Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a rare disorder caused by chromosome 7q11.23 deletion.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Work break down structure is a strategy that is used to assemble the work of the software team into different lower sections.
Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a rare multisystem disorder caused by a hemizygous deletion of the elastin gene on chromosome 7q11.23 [1].