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the reciprocal of the wavelength of a wave

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We observe that even though the KdV equation and the BBM equation are valid at the same level of approximation, the group velocity of linear waves for the BBM equation is bounded for all wavenumbers while the group velocity of linear waves for the KdV equation has no lower bound.
The FTIR spectral profiles of soil samples, in the wavenumber range from 600 to 1200 [cm.
The MIR spectral features that contribute significantly to a PLSR model can therefore be identified by plotting the magnitude of the [beta] coefficients as a function of their associated wavenumber.
This indicates that the structural disruption of Si-O-Si in the Na-bentonite, besides that happens dealumination which is characterized by loss of absorption band at wavenumber 918.
Where k, l, and m are the two horizontal and single vertical components of the wavenumber vector k , N [greater than or equal to] [[omega].
Since the absorption is based on the vibration mode of atoms and very specific, therefore each peak at different wavenumber represents only to specific functional group (Alexander and Bell, 1972).
To make a spectrum easier to read, the usual practice is to show the wavelength as a wavenumber, the reciprocal of the wavelength.
Let a(k) be the characteristic of the optical filter in terms of an angular wavenumber k.
The wavenumber scale of the FTS was established by the four [.
Such effects are more important for carbon nanotubes with high wavenumber.
The system uses either rechargeable or disposable conventional batteries, yet still offers four wavenumber resolution.
The result of this analysis, taking into account the normal shift in wavenumber for this analytical configuration, again proved the dominance of rosin in the hexane soluble sample.
For FT-IR spectral data, we performed a t-test to establish statistical differences (p-values) between the mean DNA spectra for each fish group at each wavenumber.
5 [micro]m; and the far-infrared or lower wavenumber (longer wavelength) region occurs below 400 [cm.