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a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi

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Originally, the Watutsis were non-sedentary pastoralists who migrated from the forest of the central Africa and settled amongst the original natives of Hutus and the Twa.
The Watutsis' opposition to self-rule, as mandated by the United Nations, led the Bahutus to take up arms against the Tutsis in a desperate move to displace them from power.
By the time self-rule was achieved, Bahutus had made significant progress in terms of cutting into the traditional power base of the Watutsis. For example, by June 1972, elections into national assembly in Rwanda produced twenty three seats out of thirty six for Hutus elite.
The transformation becomes most evident when Elizabeth decides that Zeely must be the queen of an African tribe, the Watutsis, because the girl has seen a photograph in National Geographic that looks like Zeely.