wattle and daub

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building material consisting of interwoven rods and twigs covered with clay

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Under the populated places heading, this entry notes that the houses are usually one storey high and are made of wattle-and-daub or stone.
Tweedmouth West First School, near Berwick, has built a tribal "village" in its grounds, with wattle-and-daub and thatched huts.
So a wooden structure on hill fort lines, complete with Bronze Age 'peasant' volunteers at work on weekends casting, carving and weaving things and plucking dormice in wattle-and-daub hovels would be unlikely to damage the site.
This other filling was often referred to as "noggjn," and typically took the form of wattle-and-daub. Split branches or slats were woven together between vertical stakes creating a lattice (wattle) that was traditionally covered with a plaster-like material made of some combination of dirt, clay, sand, animal hair and animal dung and straw (daub) (Photo 3).
One chapter analyzes building techniques from substantial stone structures built to withstand hurricane winds to the modest, traditional wattle-and-daub houses that were levelled even in a minor storm.
He relates the techniques, advantages and disadvantages of wattle-and-daub, layered mud, rammed earth, and mud brick construction, methods for roofs and finishing, and solutions to problems such as earthquakes and water erosion.