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NymphEaas, 1906, was included in the artistEoACAOs historic exhibition of the water-lily series in Paris in 1909 and remained in the ownership of the celebrated Durand-Ruel art dealing family for a number of following decades.
The white water-lily, Nymphaea lotus, is the National Flower of Egypt, and in ancient times symbolised Upper Egypt.
It belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae and bears its flowers and foliage on stalks above the surface - emergent is the botanical term; whereas the flowers and foliage of the water-lily, in most instances, float on the surface.
The botanical name of the water-lily is Nymphaea, derived from the Greek and refers to the early Greek practice of dedicating water-lilies to the nymphs, elemental beings which inhabited sacred springs.
tender neck and nostrils teacher water-lily suction-spot
Most of the composition was made up of architectural components, but three elements from nature imported a sense of loss and uprootedness: a dead, spiky, sun-starved cedar tree at the entrance; a massive piece of Pacific Coast driftwood resting in a steel and milled-wood armature nearby; and, in the room with the mandala, several very large dried water-lily pads resting on platforms as if on catafalques.
Monet Those water-lily T-shirts - usually worn by people who haven't heard of, let alone been to, the Tate Modern - are well past their sell-by date.
One water-lily in a pool gives us as much pleasure as half-an-acre of water-lilies in the lake at Chatsworth.
At Teapot Dome, Wolfe found water-lily and lotus leaves bearing distinctive irregular folds that he believes document the chilly aftermath of the impact.
"Each color and flower has its own history and story," says Walter Pagels, the president of the newly formed Water-Lily Society.