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Synonyms for hydroponics

a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients

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"People are just starting to find that water garden plants are low-maintenance," says Greg Spiechert, editor of Water Gardening magazine, based in St.
The key to water gardening, according to the Housers, is filtration - whether mechanical or natural - and a balance between nutrients produced by fish and nutrients used by plants.
The Housers see plenty of room for growth of their business, with water gardening passing $1 billion in sales nationwide in 2001 and expected to pass $1.5 billion this year.
If you're new to container water gardening, a large plastic pot is a simple, inexpensive way to start.
Bigger is better in water gardening, and a half barrel makes an ideal rustic container, especially now that plastic liners have simplified the process of cutting, cleaning, and sealing the barrel.
To find the right balance of plants, LaFont gleaned information from books on water gardening; visits to specialty nurseries like Van Ness Water Gardens (see below); and Internet chats with experienced water gardeners.
Water gardening always involves a lot of hard work.
Well now's the perfect time, because Hillfoot Aquaria at Hunts Cross is holding a massive water gardening and aquatic stock clearance sale.
Hillfoot Aquaria is the retail outlet of water gardening specialist Anablep UK, which for 26 years has built an enviable reputation for quality and affordability by passing savings from bulk purchasing directly onto the customer.