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Synonyms for dowsing

searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

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He demonstrates his central contention through a persuasive analysis of water divining in Namibia in the 1900s, which, far from being "some quaint anachronistic shadow quietly fading away as Enlightenment comes to brighten the few remaining dark corners of 'superstition' in Western and Westernising social forms," was central to the German colonial project.
Thus, after more than a decade of denouncing water divining, the state belatedly sought to harness it to hydraulic development.
104) The judgement of a private boring contractor that water divining was, "like religion; if a man believes in it, it is alright," applied equally to the progressives' "faith" in science.
There will also be a chance to try archery, kite flying and even water divining.
Contract notice: Topographical and water divining services.
Abstract: Lance van Sittert, "The Supernatural State: Water Divining and the Cape Underground Water Rush, 1891-1910"
The example of water divining in southern Africa, however, suggests that the irrational was as much a feature of western as indigenous knowledge systems.
Contract award: Topographical and water divining services