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Synonyms for dowsing

searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

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We then walked to Forest Farm for a guided tour, free refreshments and had a go at a spot of water divining.
HE ADMITS he has no idea how it works - but the ancient art of water divining is being used by a utility company engineer to locate and fix burst water pipes.
Both activities were associated with the "black arts", which even led water divining to be referred to by some as "water witching".
Fianna Fail man PJ Kelly, who possesses the extraordinary power of water divining, detected three top quality underground springs with the domestic device.
But it says here that you could join ex-soldiers in the gym, take water divining lessons, hunt for your ley lines, learn to tango.
He demonstrates his central contention through a persuasive analysis of water divining in Namibia in the 1900s, which, far from being "some quaint anachronistic shadow quietly fading away as Enlightenment comes to brighten the few remaining dark corners of 'superstition' in Western and Westernising social forms," was central to the German colonial project.