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a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley

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They had called for a temporary weight restriction on the Allan Water Bridge for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.
Until its scientific rediscovery in 2007 at TU Graz, the "water bridge" phenomenon, discovered in the 19th century, had sank into oblivion.
The second is the Low Water Bridge right below the visitor center.
Another angler was taken from an island on the North Esk on Monday and three people trapped upstream close to the North Water Bridge were also airlifted to safety.
The group also took part in a unique service project, the World Water Bridge. The project, explains Carolyn Davis, coordinator of International Student Activities at DCCC, was added as a requirement in their Global Leadership Development component this year after she heard testimonies from previous international students across the country about their volunteer experiences and how much it affected their lives.
"It's great news too that the Narrow Water Bridge project has been given the green light and we look forward to many more years of Tanglewood dyod Music with all roads now leading to Ireland's most unique boutique festival."
Starting from the parking area at the northern side of the lake (close to Semer Water Bridge) we follow the public road towards Low Blean and soon cross Little Ings Bridge.
The 2.6km-long waterway has a water bridge stretching 520 metres and a dual road of two lanes of 3 metres wide.
The suspended water bridge is constructed when the intended gap crossing intersects a flowing river or a lake that has ice already established on it.
CAIR documented the harassment allegations at three bor der crossings in Michigan: The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron.
Cruise the canals Instead of floating underneath a bridge, why not try floating over the H...verud water bridge. Constructed in 1868 it is a combination of roadway and railway bridge and an aqueduct allowing pleasure boats and canoes to float across it as part of a ride along the beautiful Dalsland Canal.
* Blue Water Bridge plaza construction to increase capacity and retain its prominence as one of North America's busiest border crossings.
Deputy Andrew Long of the Greene County, Missouri, Sheriff's Department and Lieutenant Gary Butler of the Fair Grove, Missouri, Police Department responded to a report of an occupied vehicle swept off a low water bridge into a flooded river.
Hitachi Zosen had to book a one-off loss of 3.9 billion yen in fiscal 2006 due to such factors as payments of fines imposed on its sewage facility and water bridge division in violation of the antimonopoly law.