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In a bid to save the Indian water bodies and spread the message of 'eco-friendly' Ganesh Chaturthi, actor Riteish Deshmukh, who is known for his DIY videos on Twitter, recently shared how he made an eco-friendly Ganpati idol from scratch at home.
He said that two years ago Sindh High Court had also ordered the provincial government to end occupation of all lakes and water bodies on a petition filed by the PFF.
The DC urged all levels of the people to extend their cooperation to make the eviction drive successful for recovering illegally occupied lands on the rivers banks and other water bodies.
June 8 was observed as World Oceans Day, and it is a reminder that we need to protect our water bodies. This year, the theme was 'Gender and the ocean'.
Earlier, it was believed that oceans being vast water bodies couldn't be damaged by human actions.
'This is why the government wants to streamline all activities of small scale mining so that we can save our water bodies for the next generation.
The ministry further advises those who want commercial and recreational fishing licenses for specific water bodies to seek assistance from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks offices.
Class B water bodies are mainly used for recreational purposes with direct contact to skin.
Koh Kong deputy provincial governor Orn Pheareak said in order to improve efficiency in protecting and preserving public lakes, streams, canals, creeks and other water bodies on the coast, provincial authorities have prohibited people from filling government land or cutting down mangrove forests.
Cimatu recently signed administrative orders declaring three water bodies, including two of the most polluted rivers in the Philippines, as water quality management areas (WQMAs).
There has been an increase in the reports of toxic blue green algae in several locations across the UK this summer, prompting pet owners to be require extra caution while walking their dogs in the vicinity of affected water bodies.
NORMAN A University of Oklahoma research study, led by professor Xiangming Xiao, reveals the divergent trends of open surface water bodies in the contiguous United States from 1984 to 2016, specifically, a decreasing trend in the water-poor states and an increasing trend in the water-rich states.
The Final workshop on the Project for Monitoring of the Water Quality of the Major Water Bodies held on 22nd February 2018 at the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment 'Sobadam Piyasa', Robert Gunawardana Mawatha, Battaramulla.
Talking to media outside the premises of Sindh High Court (SHC) here Friday, he said life and health of millions of citizens in Sindh are at the stake, as untreated industrial and sewerage water highly contaminated with poisonous chemicals is being discharged into water bodies, which is also a grave ecological threat.