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PBAPP chief executive officer Datuk Jaseni Maidinsa said only 16 per cent of the Ulu Muda rainforests, about 17,025ha, was gazetted as 'water catchment forests' under Section 10 (1) of the National Forestry Act 1984 (NFA).
As the Allan Water catchment is one of the most infested within the Forth district for the invasive plant Giant Hogweed, the project has also involved the clearing of the hogweed in partnership with Dunblane and Bridge of Allan community councils.
According to the government, the extension of the ban will aid in the restoration and rehabilitation of the critical water catchment and natural forest areas currently estimated at 123,553 acres.
Based on their assessment last year, out of 100 establishments, only 26 have existing water catchment facility in their buildings.
In total, they constructed five school buildings, and installed drainage systems, sidewalks, and water catchment systems.
Twenty samples were taken from four municipalities in the Munim Water Catchment Area: Belagua (n = 2), Morros (n = 12), Sao Benedito do Rio Preto (n = 1) and Urbano Santos (n = 5).
Water catchment areas comprise a number of natural and man-made elements including:
Instead of looking at the water catchment areas as a system they concentrate on pinchpoints where the water is funnelled through urban developments when control is largely lost.
Andrew Walker, Yorkshire Water Catchment Manager, and Sarah Mason, Yorkshire |Water Project Manager, preparing for the latest stage of the peat restoration
While rain water catchment systems have been used for various purposes to provide water and utilize rain water from small surface areas of roofs and courtyard homes to the large surface areas of watershed around the world from ancient times, in the recent decade, technology and knowledge of rain water catchment areas has been revived and taken into consideration in parts which face severe problems of water supply and loss of atmospheric flow.
During the meeting, Director of Water Catchment Department of the Iranian Energy Ministry Alireza Dayemi and water and energy ministers of Afghanistan and Tajikistan emphasized the necessity of cooperation in implementing joint energy projects.
It is the water agency that manages Singapore's water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way.
Nairobi, Rabi'II 30, 1433, Mar 23, 2012, SPA -- Fires that have ravaged 10 per cent of Mount Kenya's forests, which serve as a water catchment for much of the country, have been extinguished after nine days, dpa quoted the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) as saying Friday.
Green credentials include photovoltaic roof panels to generate electricity from daylight, an air source heat pump to generate heating, and a water catchment system.
It can double up as a water catchment tank in rare but heavy seasonal rains.