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an observation tower for a lookout to watch over prisoners or watch for fires or enemies

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The watchtowers will be manned round the clock and video links for trials of those accused of militancy will also be available, official said
Supply, installation and commissioning of base radios Radio System Stop on watchtowers of journey will take place in designated by the Employer locations throughout the country, in accordance with Annex 5 to the ToR pn.
RAS BAALBEK, Lebanon: A thin red line of defense is emerging along Lebanon's northern border as the Lebanese Army builds a series of fortified watchtowers to help check the spillover from Syria's civil war, including the threat posed by extremist militants holed up in mountains east of Arsal.
Traditionally, during the rule of the Imams, which ended in the 1960s, at night, guards would man the watchtowers built at the seven massive entrance gates to Sana'a's Old City.
The watchtowers guarded by the Bulgarians were shot at, and the attackers blew up a tractor loaded with explosives right outside the base, which suffered minor material damages.
Palestinian sources quoted witnesses as saying that Israeli occupation forces stationed at watchtowers along the eastern line of the Gaza Strip opened.
THE widow of a fisherman drowned at sea has opened the first in a string of new watchtowers along the North Wales coastline.
Israel's security barrier, complete with looming watchtowers, has found its way into the nativity scenes on sale to tourists.
Walker Books announced on Tuesday that, together with Candlewick Press, it is to publish a new graphic novel, Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers by John Harris Dunning and Nikhil Singh.
THE last of the Army's watchtowers in South Armagh was demolished yesterday.
That's the latest word from the Anglo-Saxon watchtowers at Harvard where the venerable political theorist Samuel Huntington recently materialized outside his academic hermitage to declare six more decades or so of political winter.
Far below the existing fortified circuit of walls, there is another line of mud brick walls and watchtowers that separate the city from the wide flood plain of the Poshtrud River.
SECRETARY of State for Northern Ireland, Paul Murphy, could find himself in the dock if he decides to press ahead with proposals to dismantle the British Army's watchtowers in south Armagh.
Another of the military border watchtowers in South Armagh, at Glasdrumman, near Crossmaglen, is to come down and a security barrier in neighbouring Newtownhamilton reopened.
TWO policemen and a soldier are still in hospital after a republican crowd attacked two army watchtowers and besieged a police station in Northern Ireland.