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an observation tower for a lookout to watch over prisoners or watch for fires or enemies

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Since 2012, the project, which began as the Syrian crisis gathered steam, has been focusing on training and equipping regiments in addition to building border watchtowers and forward operating bases, or FOBs.
Today the Government has announced to Parliament that, as part of the project, it has placed a further order for 320,000 worth of communications equipment for the border watchtowers.
Another youth sustained a similar injury and several others suffocated during similar clashes that broke out with Israeli Soldiers stationed at watchtowers in Nahal Oz military base, east of Gaza city.
Bohol has six watchtowers forming a network to warn the populace against marauders.
Sputnik quoted the Turkish-language Yeni Safak newspaper as saying that the watchtowers will be placed at certain intervals on the border line, the media said.
The 'Baluarte' was built by the Spanish colonial government as a watchtower against pirates, who came to seize residents to make them slaves.
North Warning System, Wylie's latest book, is the third and final installment of his Tower series published by Steidl, which meticulously documents watchtowers in three different historical-political settings (and incidentally, three distinct color palettes).
All over Sana'a, families struggling to get by have sought shelter in the old watchtowers.
Muscat: Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Culture has begun the gargantuan task of documenting the country's prodigious historical heritage exemplified by the numerous forts, castles, watchtowers and ancient neighbourhoods dotting the nation's vast landscape.
The watchtowers guarded by the Bulgarians were shot at, and the attackers blew up a tractor loaded with explosives right outside the base, which suffered minor material damages.
A quick but thrilling experience, Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers is a jewel not just for fans of graphic novels, but also for those who love mystery, fantasy, and suspense.
Palestinian sources quoted witnesses as saying that Israeli occupation forces stationed at watchtowers along the eastern line of the Gaza Strip opened.
THE widow of a fisherman drowned at sea has opened the first in a string of new watchtowers along the North Wales coastline.
Israel's security barrier, complete with looming watchtowers, has found its way into the nativity scenes on sale to tourists.
Walker Books announced on Tuesday that, together with Candlewick Press, it is to publish a new graphic novel, Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers by John Harris Dunning and Nikhil Singh.