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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

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Cloth and leather watchbands soak up odors and are tougher to keep clean.
A variety of watchbands are also available including black stainless steel, black leather and black rubber tread.
That's the point of the iWatchz watchbands - from silicone rubber to leather to handsome stainless steel - for the Nano.
The selection of arts and crafts available will prove to be excellent stocking-stuffers, with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watchbands and hairclips in demand.
I'm trying I make jewelry as well--like wooden watchbands and bracelets.
Never use colored polish on leather belts, watchbands, or purses; it could rub off onto the wearer's body or clothing.
People have used it to make everything from watchbands to silicone squeeze bulbs.
For example, Bell helicopter, Gorham silver, Homelite chain saws, Polaris snowmobiles, Sheaffer pens, Speidel watchbands, Talon zippers, Fafnir bearings, Bostitch staplers, E-Z-Go golf carts, just to name those that are well known.
Students can collect textures by pressing the foam onto shoe soles, watchbands, spiral notebooks, and objects close at hand.
It's more than just leather wallets, travel bags, briefcases, watchbands and backpacks on the site www.
Avoid tight watchbands or jewelry and garments with tight elastic sleeves.