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Waste-water is a complex mixture of natural inorganic materials mixed with man made substances, including material washed from roads, roofs, kitchens.
In Malta, Luxembourg and Spain, 100% of the population were connected to urban waste-water collection networks (the first step towards sewage treatment to remove pollutants), followed closely by the Netherlands (99%), United Kingdom3 (98%) and Germany (95%).
As regards waste-water treatment in large EU cities, the Commission's verification showed that the situation had significantly improved since 1998, and 387 of the 556 cities with a population equivalent of more than 150,000, provided a sufficient standard of waste water treatment.
The Walloon (Belgian) Minister for Land Use, Town Planning and the Environment, Michel Foret, and the President of the Urban Community of Lille, Pierre Mauroy, inaugurated on April 3 a cross-border waste-water treatment plant in Comines, Belgium.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has just agreed a loan of Euro 70 million for the modernisation and extension of waste-water collection and treatment facilities of the Abu Rawash waste-water treatment plant, North-West of Cairo.
Cyprus, for instance, has obtained transitional arrangement for recovery targets of packaging waste until 2005; treatment of urban waste-water until 2012; and a one year derogation on sulphur content of certain liquid fuels.
Belgium has also been criticised for its waste-water treatment systems across the country.