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a river that rises in western Arkansas and flows southeast into eastern Louisiana to become a tributary of the Red River

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After touring Camp Supply, the leaders began to retrace the steps of the 7th Cavalry toward the Washita River. They stopped at each campsite to discuss what decisions had been made during that day and how those decisions would affect the future battle.
Visitors enter on a sidewalk that meanders like the Washita River itself, to a door facing the plains.
Tony put me in a strip of cottonwoods that snaked along either side of the Washita River with instructions to be on the lookout for several good bucks known to frequent the area, and one in particular.
Under direct orders from Sheridan, General George Custer led his army battalion in a surprise attack on the sleeping villages of Cheyenne, Arapahoe and other groups camped along the Washita River in what is now Oklahoma.
Data from four USAWs that ranged in size from 0.6 to 4 ha (1.5 to 9.9 ac) within the Little Washita River Experimental Watershed (LWREW) in southwestern Oklahoma were used to calibrate parameters in SWAT that govern the surface runoff response of the model.
The study area included the Canadian River and the Washita River drainages in Hemphill County, the North Fork of the Red River and Sweetwater Creek in Wheeler County, and portions of Lelia Lake Creek and the Salt Fork of the Red River in Donely County (Fig.
The volunteers played only a supporting role to the Seventh Cavalry, which carried the war to the Cheyennes camped along the Washita River in November of 1868.
In December, 1868, Custer's cavalry found a Cheyenne village beside the Washita River and killed 103 Indians, only eleven of whom were warriors, and 875 horses.
Although we don't hear specifically about the display of small limbs of the victims in the play, when an Indian woman (Jane Lind) recounts the terror and horror of the massacre at Sand Creek and at Washita River, there is holocaust behind her words.
Principal battles: First Bull Run (Manassas, Virginia) (1861); Peninsula campaign, Antietam, Fredericksburg (1862); Chancellorsville (Virginia), Gettysburg (1863); Yellow Tavern, Winchester, Fisher's Hill (near Winchester) (1864); Five Forks (1865); Washita River (1868); Little Bighorn (1876).
Located on the south bank of the Washita River, the school was about twenty miles down river from the site of the Washita Massacre, where Colonel George Custer in 1868 attacked the Cheyenne village of Chief Black Kettle.
We released 250 turtles into pools adjacent to the Washita River in Johnston, Bryan, and Marshall counties, Oklahoma.
Although the Blue River and Pennington Creek sites are only 10 km apart over land, Blue River flows into the Red River below Lake Texoma, while Pennington Creek flows into the Washita River above Lake Texoma and Denison Dam (Fig.
ARS experts have been studying soil and water conservation in Oklahoma's Little Washita River Experimental Watershed--one of the largest and best monitored experimental watersheds--for decades.
One of the pilot projects implemented in the flood abatement programs was the treatment of tributaries in the Washita River Basin in southwestern Oklahoma.