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showing Washingtonians and the rest of the world that it is really more fun in the Philippines.
"This year's excellent turnout shows how strongly Washingtonians engaged with the issues and races on the ballot," Secretary Wyman said.
"Despite any uncertainty or confusion surrounding the marketplace, more Washingtonians than ever now understand the value and peace of mind that comes with having health and dental coverage for both themselves and their families."
For Washingtonians, Penn's appointment is of particular interest, following his time on the Clinton presidential campaign and his subsequent resignation after his public relations work raised conflict-of-interest issues, the report said.
Then came the great increase in defense spending under Ronald Reagan and the wealth it brought to the Washingtonians who assisted military equipment suppliers in procuring contracts.
Qatar Airways said the special cabin was an opportunity for Washingtonians to experience the art of travel onboard Qatar Airways.
Marsha Massey, executive director for Washington State Tourism, said, 'Share Your Washington was created as a fun and upbeat way for Washingtonians to unite behind a common cause that helps their communities and the whole state.
HM Queen Rania addressed a cross-section of prominent Washingtonians Tuesday in observance of the annual March 8 International Women's Day, to stress the need for more investment in women's advancement.
to Growing Washington, a nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of Washingtonians through sustainable agriculture, health and environmental preservation programs.
It was emphasized that this is not because Washingtonians are always chained to their desks or stuck in their cars during the daylight hours.
The Casey run was plotted not long after the 2004 election, when polls convinced Washingtonians that "moral values issues"--abortion, gay marriage--were keeping the Democrats at the kiddie table even as the governing GOP stumbled from blunder to blunder.
Community and technical colleges make their greatest contribution by growing a talented, skilled citizenry and creating opportunities for Washingtonians. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges is setting this System Direction to align college system efforts with the current and future needs for strong communities and a vibrant economy.
Eight months after the votes had been cast, and after two recounts (1) and no fewer than nine lawsuits, (2) the 2004 Washington State gubernatorial election came down to this: Would Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges assume that Washingtonians always vote like their neighbors?
"Washingtonians condemn discrimination and will see [it] as bigotry and opportunism."
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