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the capital and largest city of Poland

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Analysis of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA general financial situation
KSP Polonia Warszawa is a football club organized in the form of a joint stock company.
The sports press defined Polonia Warszawa as "the island of welfare".
Sales revenues in Polonia Warszawa are two or even three times (in 2010) lower than the incurred operating costs.
In the examined period, Polonia Warszawa did not achieve target values typical of the examined indexes.
In the years 2009 and 2010 Polonia Warszawa actually had no cash funds.
Cash flows assume variant VI in KSP Polonia Warszawa in 2008.
This confirms the initial results of the analysis, KSP Polonia Warszawa has serious financial problems.
Therefore, KSP Polonia Warszawa has a difficult financial situation in the examined period Generating a negative balance in the operating activities, we may not indicate the share of cash surplus in the operating activities as compared to all implemented incomes (ratio no.
KSP Polonia Warszawa has no cash surplus from the operating activities and this affects the ratio values.
In the years 2008 and 2009, the Polonia Warszawa football club maintained the value of held assets at a similar level, and in 2010 it invested funds in a group of tangible assets (intangible assets and fixed assets).
The club Polonia Warszawa is financed from short-term liabilities.
The higher its level, which is the case of Polonia Warszawa, the higher financial risk for the creditors.
Polonia Warszawa actually does not incur long-term liabilities.
In the examined period, KSP Polonia Warszawa did not earn gross profit which was supposed to cover interest.