Warren Harding

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29th President of the United States

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In 1920, Warren Harding was elected president, drubbing Democrat opponent James Cox in the Electoral College 404 to 127 and in the popular vote 16.
The Republican Party's response in the 1920 election was to campaign for smaller government and for a return to what its presidential candidate Warren Harding dubbed "normalcy"--a curtailing of government interference in the economy to create a predictable environment in which business could operate confidently.
Other than Warren Harding and James Polk, all 44 U.
Johnson, Warren Harding, Millard Fillmore, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Barack Obama, Chester Arthur, Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan and George W.
To the west is the 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, created in 1923 by Warren Harding and by some estimates holding up to 15 billion barrels of oil.
Another president ranked consistently worse is Warren Harding, who was marred by a flood of personal and political scandals.
MARION, Ohio (AP) --An Ohio college plans to take over management of the home and tomb of Warren Harding, America's 29th president.
The setlist spans his career from 1967 debut Bedsitter Images to 1996 album track The Coldest Winter In Memory, taking in fan favourites like Last Days Of The Century, Carol and Warren Harding.
The tournament's name honours President Warren Harding, an avid golfer who had died on a visit to the the city two years before the course was first used.
Ian Mitchell, commercial director Volvo Trucks, with Lesley Bougourd, Steve Benton and Tony Bateson, director of County Air Ambulance Trust Phil Berry, Mel Locke, John Kelly and Paul Whelan Fred Jewsbury, Warren Harding, Jason Harding and Gareth Barry Winning team: Con Cunningham with Liam Darragh, Martin O'Neill and Bob Stevens Steve Benton, Tim Davis, Bob Fleming and Paul Proud Darren Bougourd, Alan Sherwin, Louisa Fletcher and Mark Pearson
Because the much maligned Warren Harding refused to intervene.
Johnson, who had switched his affiliation to Republican for the party nomination in 1920, ultimately lost to Warren Harding.
Presidents' Moms * Presidents Martha * Theodore Roosevelt Louisa * William Howard Taft Jessie * Woodrow Wilson Phoebe * Warren Harding Victoria * Calvin Coolidge Hulda * Herbert Hoover Sara * Franklin Roosevelt Martha * Harry Truman Ida * Dwight Eisenhower Rose * John Kennedy Rebekah * Lyndon Johnson Hannah * Richard Nixon Dorothy * Gerald Ford Lillian * Jimmy Carter Nelle * Ronald Reagan Barbara * George Bush Virginia * Bill Clinton
Only two people have gone from the US Senate to the White House: Republican Warren Harding (1921-1923), and Kennedy (1960-1963).