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United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court by Richard Nixon (1907-1995)

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This Article addresses why the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Warren Burger began to deploy separation of powers language when evaluating whether a particular plaintiff had standing to sue the federal government, and why this trend continued through William Rehnquist's tenure as Chief Justice and affects the Roberts Court today.
Sherman Christensen and Chief Justice Warren Burger.
Blackmun, nominated to the court only after President Nixon's first two choices were rejected by the Senate, was initially regarded as an appendage of his fellow Minnesotan, Chief Justice Warren Burger.
Supreme Court is not at all strange when taking into account the actions of the Court since the retirement of Chief Justice Warren Burger and the ensuing appointments of associate justices whose politics have led to legal decisions resulting in the loss of gains of the civil rights movement.
Douglas wrote, "While the teachings of Bill Baird and Galileo are of a different order, the suppression of either is equally repugnant" The decision was six to one with Chief Justice Warren Burger dissenting.
In the ruling on the Nixon tapes, Chief Justice Warren Burger reaffirmed earlier court decisions that "no person, not even the president of the United States, is above the law.
Part of that story involves his formative friendship with Warren Burger, which originated in a Minnesota kindergarten classroom but was destroyed by their Supreme Court service together.
Maybe Blackmun wanted to provide cover for his friend, Chief Justice Warren Burger, who erroneously believed that Roe and Doe did not establish abortion on demand.
Rebecca Dudley of the Brush News-Tribune in Colorado was a copy editor when Chief Justice Warren Burger retired from the Supreme Court.
Chief Justice Warren Burger knew that when he wrote an opinion for the Supreme Court in favor of upholding Georgia's anti-sodomy law.
Hardwick decision, in which Chief Justice Warren Burger explained that states could outlaw private homosexual acts that didn't harm anyone because, well, the Bible told him so.
For this work, the Center has received three national awards: the State Justice Institute's Howell Heflin Award, the National Center for State Courts' Warren Burger Award, and the American Law Institute/American Bar Association's Harrison Tweed Award.
Section III reviews critiques, from left and right, of the Court under Warren and under his successor, Warren Burger.
Did you know that in his will, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger didn't make provisions for estate taxes?