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United States artist who was a leader of the Pop Art movement (1930-1987)


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An art critic, author and longtime friend of Warhol, Colacello has many tales about his days working with the renowned artist, from wild parties to painting former Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran.
Praised by both theBBCand Vice magazine, After Warhol sees Paul bring Warhol's original acetates to life.
Spokesman Gerard Gormley said: "The pop art market is very strong and Warhol's pieces have increased in value by an average of 5% to 10% per year over the last 30 years."
One of a series of mug shot images created by Warhol for the 1964 New York World's Fair, it's also expected to fetch $30 million.
According to The Art Newspaper, the exhibition is to be shown in both Rome and Pittsburgh, where Warhol grew up.
Made in 1964 in his new work headquarters, dubbed the Factory, this series constituted Warhol's debut that fall at the cutting edge Leo Castelli Gallery, whose stable of contemporary artists included Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella.
For the first time in the Middle East, 'Letters to Andy Warhol,' an exhibition uncovering rarely-seen letters and artwork from the archives of The Andy Warhol Museum, is now open to the public at the Dubai Design District (D3) until December 16.
As an icon, celebrity and artist, Andy Warhol was among the most influential people who lived in the 20th century.
As for Warhol's aesthetic decisions, they identify him as a man of his time.
Warhol, who was born in Pittsburgh in 1928, but spent his career in New York City, was one of the most famous American artists of of the 20th century, pioneering the genre of pop art.
Beginning in 1977, Andy Warhol and his assistants worked on a series of expressive and nonrepresentational Oxidation Paintings for which they urinated onto canvases coated with copper-based acrylic paint (Fig.
On September 24, 1963, Andy Warhol left New York for a road trip to Hollywood in a black Ford Falcon station wagon.
At the heart of the collection lies the most important group of Andy Warhol "dollar" paintings in private hands: era-defining masterpieces, led by the artist's very first painting in the series: One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate), 1962.