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the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents

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India is estimated to have produced approximately 600 kilograms of weapon-grade plutonium, sufficient for 150-200 nuclear warheads; however, not all the material has been converted into nuclear warheads, they said.
North Korea has produced fissile material for 10-20 nuclear warheads and detonated five nuclear devices," the FAS February 17 update said.
global military infrastructure is its nuclear arsenal, which while trailing Russia's in total inventory, is second to none in the number of deployed warheads.
Improved warhead designs allow smaller warheads for a given yield, while better electronics and guidance systems allowed greater accuracy.
MLRS rockets with submunition warheads ended production approximately six years ago.
Lee Chun-geun, at South Korea's Science and Technology Policy Institute, said the missiles were believed to be carrying warheads with trigger devices but not plutonium or uranium, to see whether those warheads could detonate properly.
A South Korean government report said he had between eight and 20 of the miniaturised 660lb nuclear warheads at his disposal.
Seoul: North Korea can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile, a South Korean official said on Tuesday in a new assessment of the capability of a country that conducted its fourth nuclear test this year.
Declaring that a nuclear warhead explosion test and a test-fire of several kinds of ballistic rockets able to carry nuclear warheads will be conducted in a short time to further enhance the reliance of nuclear attack capability, he (Kim) instructed the relevant section to make prearrangement for them to the last detail," the agency said.
In addition to its application in the GMLRS, Orbital ATK's LEO technology has been successfully tested on warheads ranging in size from 0.
Army for production of the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) Unitary and the first order of GMLRS Alternative Warhead production.
The unsettling development is China's decision to equip its most powerful missile the DF-5 for Dong Feng or East Wind, which can reach the United States with multiple warheads instead of just one.
And there was now "tremendous technological motivation" to conduct a nuclear test as it races to perfect the technology to miniaturize warheads, a South Korean nuclear expert said.
The Defense Ministry announced Monday the successful testing of two new missiles, including a long-range missile with multiple warheads, a first for Iran.
ADANA (CyHAN)- As on Thursday Turkish Police seized 1200 warheads and ten launchpads in a truck in southern province of Adana en-route to Syria, Police started an immediate operation to several addresses including a lathe shop where allegedly some of rocket warheads were produced.