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During the 2015 banding season, 16 chestnut-sided warblers were caught at two of the six clearcuts, which we labeled the Northern and Southern sites.
Workshop participants will try to determine what factors are behind the warblers' decline and where the impacts take place: at the breeding or wintering grounds or during the extensive migration.
A freak of luck has let researchers document warblers fleeing their territories before local temperatures, air pressure or other signs foretold a storm approaching.
US scientists say tracking data shows that five golden-winged warblers "evacuated" their nesting site one day before the April 2014 tornado outbreak.
(2012) for their known occupancy of breeding warblers. The study areas were <25 km apart, ranged in area from 137-311 ha, and comprised of patches of juniper-oak woodland in the center surrounded by approximately 200-m buffer of shrub-scrub plains.
I leapt at the opportunity to visit a national park I'd never seen and the chance to see the legendary Colima warbler. With the excitement came nervousness: The trip was scheduled for the second week of April, about a week or two before Colima warblers are seen with regularity in the park.
So much, I'm learning, rides on this question; the invaluable academic lives of my students, and the actual lives of goshawks and warblers, among myriad other creatures.
Washington, May 17 ( ANI ): To ensure paternity, male reed warblers aggressively try to chase off competitors and to keep potentially "double-dealing" females in line, a new study has found.
Topping the list included Anna's hummingbirds, black-throated blue warblers, ruby-throated hummingbirds, Townsend's solitaires, and golden-winged warblers.
Acrocephalus warblers are notoriously difficult to identify in the field and this particularly applies to individuals on migration, when they forsake their typical (and often characteristic) habitat and, sometimes, behaviour.
Kirthland's warblers are finicky about where they nest.
Black-throated blue warblers (Dendroica caerulescens) have been studied intensively at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire since 1986 (for information on education and outreach programs, visit http:// hubbardbrookfoundation.org/overview/).
The Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Plan lists activities to ensure survival of the Kirtland's Warbler on the wintering grounds--identification of habitat used by Kirtland's Warblers, management activities needed to create this habitat, and increasing conservation capacity to ensure habitat availability in The Bahamas (Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Team 1985).
Curlews have fallen up to 30 per cent since 1992 due to habitat and foxes eating its eggs, while warblers fell 40 per cent in Europe - but rose in a warmer UK.
Blazis, a Worcester native who lives in Grafton, focused last night on warblers - small, colorful birds with unique calls and, most importantly, a voracious appetite for caterpillars.