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This is the worst outbreak of violence in Yemen since the 1994 war of secession. Casualties are said to be very great.
The "so-called American Revolution," Sale observes, "was in fact a war of secession, not revolt." What's more, the early years of the Republic established a tradition of states seceding from one another when they reached a certain size: Maine from Massachusetts in 1820, Tennessee from North Carolina in 1796, Kentucky and (more controversially) West Virginia from Virginia in 1792 and 1861.
The next struggle that would lead to the 1994 Yemen War of Secession dealt with movements and control over the armed forces, trade, and diplomacy.
The impact of Prime Minister Al-Attas observations about takfir (declaration of apostasy) would come take shape in a series of assassination of YSP officials from 1991 to May 1994 (the outbreak of the war of secession).
The Yemen War of Secession is not politically straight forward; according to Washington Post reporter Nora Boustany, Beidh grew tired of relentless political assassinations of his socialists that were likely sanctioned by the government in Sana'a.
In the unlikely event that this prize-winning author never writes another word, her place in literary history is secured with her second novel, her tribute to her people, the Igbo, who, after being massacred in 1966, broke away from Nigeria to create the Republic of Biafra and then fought an unsuccessful three-year war of secession.
Given the strong opposition of the colonies to the Spanish reforms, it comes as no surprise that most of them decided to support the House of Braganza during the war of secession. As the author shows in Chapter 4, in aligning with Lisbon the colonizers preserved their juridical, social, and political privileges, but were not able to stop the growing commercial hegemony of the Dutch in the Far East.
Only a few African governments showed sympathy for the Eritreans, and the fear of a successful war of secession was once again paramount.
Milosevic's insanity notwithstanding, it is immoral to casually offer this as a history primer while ignoring President Tudjman's ethnic cleansing of over two hundred thousand Serbs from Croatia during the war of secession. Similar one-sided references to the shelling of Dubrovnik are nothing but sinister without acknowledging Serb churches and entire villages leveled to the ground when Croatia carried out one of the largest offensives against a civilian population in modern history.
It is also known as the War of Secession, the War of Rebellion, and the War Between the States.
The exact number of people killed during Bangladesh's nine-month war of secession is unclear: official Bangladeshi figures suggest as many as three million people died, but independent researchers suggest the death toll was around 500,000.
In 1994, the South tried to break away with a war of secession. But the war ended, after much bloodshed, with the North's victory and the occupation on 7 July of the South's capital city of Aden.
He offers chapters on agricultural transformation, entrepreneurship, the work ethic, technology transfer, the unity and strength of the nation state, and the possibilities for economic cooperation with neighboring Eritrea, which fought a war of secession against Ethiopia.
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